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2015 LE Mina Update #1!

Hi Pen Fans!

Well, the buying period for the 2015 LE Mina has passed.  We sold well over 200 pens!  I’ll have an exact number once I get a chance to work it out accurately.

This update shows all of our materials, which just arrived today!  Lots of ebonite and acrylic in the raw form!  See pic below.

We have a couple of ancillary projects to wrap up this week and then we will begin manufacturing next week!

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison




3 replies on “2015 LE Mina Update #1!”

Yes, sorry about that. I’m probably going to give an update on the blog this week. We have 25 of the acrylic pens done. The last 2 weeks of December have been cleared off to dedicate to this project. Thanks!

No problem, it’s just the anxiety to see my pen ready. This ebonite looks good, even in rough form. 🙂

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