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2015 LE Mina Update #2

Hi Pen Fans!

Time for an update to the 2015 LE Mina Project!

Admittedly, our progress has not been as fast as I would have liked.  The Ohio Pen Show took a lot of our time for preparation, we had a few ancillary projects in middle-late November, and then our Holiday Rush in December has been much busier that I would have ever predicted.  I was anticipating having a lot more done in December, but our Holiday orders have us really swamped!  It’s a good thing that I quoted up to 4 months, as unexpected things can happen, and they have!

We have cleared off the last 2 weeks of December so that we can focus hard on this project, and January looks to not be so crazy for us.

But in the meantime, I’ll attach the progress so far.  We have more than 20 of the acrylic Minas just about finished.  We’ll be working hard on the rest of the series next week and into the New Year.

Expect to see more updates as we get this project ramped up!

Brian at Edison

One reply on “2015 LE Mina Update #2”

Thanks so much for the update. I’m so excited about this pen. I so love my other Edison’s pen.

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