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Edison Stock Flex Nibs!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are proud to announce that we now have Edison Stock Flex Nibs!

These are not to be confused with Richard Binder Flex Nibs. These flex nibs are different. All details are in the video below.

These new stock flex nibs add $125 to the price of a pen that would have normally had a steel nib.

We can also sell these nibs individually for $125. Email me if you are interested.

They are #6 size only. And are available in EF and F. We have Two Tone, All Gold, and Rhodium plated.

The writing sample mentioned in the video is here.

Email me with any questions!

Brian at Edison

16 replies on “Edison Stock Flex Nibs!”

Mr. Gray, I love this idea! I would definitely get one of these before I went with a Richard Binder nib. I love that you come out with these amazing things all the time! Such as the new Draw Filler. I’m tempted to get a pen with both this nib and the Draw Filler on it, but at the moment, cannot afford one. When I can, rest assure that I will purchase this. Thank you.

I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I must say that I LOVE the Edison Stock Flex nib. I own a Collier (burnished gold) and a Edison Nouveau (Caribbean Sea) bought from Goulet. I bought the Collier with the 18k nib and the Nouveau some time ago with a steel nib. I am just a spoiled gold junkie, so I bought a 18k Edison Flex and put it on my Collier and put the 18k (which I also luuuuuuuv) in my Nouveau. I can’t get enough of these pens. I am addicted to the slight feedback, and satisfying smoothness. It is not describable. You just have to feel it yourself. The steel was awesome too. Just not gold. Thats all!
Mr. Brian Gray, you sir are to pens what Chris McKenna is to flutes… if you don’t know what that means, it means you are awesome. Trust me.

Thanks for the kind words, Roy! I’m glad that you are enjoying the flex nib! And actually I got my degree in trumpet performance! So while I’m not aware of Chris McKenna, I googled and am very fascinated with his work!

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by 2.0. If you are referring the line width being 2mm, then I’d estimate the max width of this nib is about 1.5mm or a little more. Thanks!

I think he means this new flex nib as in the second edition of flex nib, with the first being the Binder flex.

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