Time Away

On Vacation!

Hi Pen Fans!

Andrea and I are currently on a sorely needed vacation.

After moving the business earlier this year, some huge projects, some new product launches and Andrea’s surgery, the last 6 months have been the busiest since we started this business!

We decided to do our vacation right. We are getting away for a little over 2 weeks.

While we are away, Jake will be doing his best to keep up with emails. If you are slow in getting a response, you’ll know why. If you need my direct attention, I’ll be returning emails on the 17th or 18th.

Thanks! I’ll see you when I’m well rested! 🙂

Brian at Edison


2 replies on “On Vacation!”

I hope you are enjoying your vacation! It’s always nice to take a break every once and a while. I can’t possibly fathom what kind of a work load you normally have. Running a business is a lot of work.

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