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Detroit Pen Show this Weekend, and 12 Years in Business!

Hi Pen Fans! A few topics for this blog post.

First, we will be attending the Detroit Pen Show this weekend! We’ve always enjoyed this show and look forward to attending again this year!

We will be arriving Friday Morning and will attend the full show schedule except for Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, we have a family event that we have to attend Sunday evening. So we will need to pack up around lunchtime on Sunday to exit a little earlier than we would like. So if you are attending the show and would like to see our display, please be aware of an early departure on Sunday.

I won’t have time to photograph all of the pens that we are bringing to show within this blog post, but we are bringing a lot of new stuff! We will be bringing a pen show record 80+ Menlo Draw Fillers, and about half of them are from new materials that we’ve never used before, most of them being translucent. Outside of the Menlos, we also have about 150+ pens that are new to our inventory. For those that can’t attend the Detroit Show, we’ll have those pens photographed and hosted in our galleries upon our return.

Next, Friday the 18th will commemorate Edison being in business for 12 years!

It was 12 years ago on October the 18th that I wrote my first invoice as the Edison Pen Company! It’s been a wonderful way to make a living! This whole thing started with a love for pens and an 80lb lathe in my garage. I never thought it would even be a living, let along what it’s become today! My wife, employees, and our families thank you sincerely for your support over the years!

Along with this, expect to see a lot of new things between now and the end of the year. A new pen design, some pretty special Limited Editions, and I’ve nearly completed a full video tour of our facility! So lots of new things coming between now and the end of the year, with lots more plans for 2020!

We hope to see you at the Detroit Pen Show!

Brian at Edison

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