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Winter Limited Edition Glenmont with Ruthenium Trim!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are proud to introduce a new Signature Line Limited Edition Pen with a bit of a winter theme. This pen is limited to only 50 pieces. It is a Glenmont that uses a Ruthenium clip and a Ruthenium steel nib.

It was several years ago that we acquired a batch of steel nibs that were plated in Ruthenium. They are no longer available to us. Ruthenium is a unique plating. It has a darker shiny tone, as opposed to our normal steel nibs that are bright in color. They are not as dark as our Black Oxide nibs, but Black Oxide is a chemical treatment and usually comes out with a mildly satin finish, whereas ruthenium is a darker shiny plating.

We hoarded these nibs for quite a while! You can tell that these nibs go back into our history, as they have the “Edison” text on the engraving. Several years ago, we changed our nib engravings to have only the logo with no text. So these were a special purchase from years ago that we hid away for the right day!

We recently sent off some of our Glenmont clips to receive a matching plating in Ruthenium, and we feel that the effect looks pretty nice!

This pen is made from an acrylic that we call “Black Ice”. I’m not sure how the weather is treating you in your area, but here in Ohio, this pen is quite apropos, as it’s 7 degrees at the time of writing this!

The pen will be available with a Steel nib in Fine, Medium, or Broad. It is a converter filler.

The edition is limited to only 50 pens. We would have loved to have made more, but we only have so many Ruthenium plated nibs to use!

The price for this pen will be $225. The normal retail price for a Glenmont with a Steel nib is $275. Since these pens were made “assembly-line” style, we can manufacture them faster with the same quality. This allows us to bring the price down significantly compared to a fully custom version.

Weight – 22.5
Capped Length – 145mm / 5.70”
Posted Length to Nib Tip – 167mm / 6.60”
Body Length to Nib Tip – 128mm / 5.03”
Body Diameter – 14mm / .55”
Cap Diameter – 15.8mm / .62”
Section Diameter at Narrowest – 9.8mm / .39”
Section Length – 16.8mm / .66”

All of these pens are in stock and ready to ship immediately! Please let me know of any questions.

Brian at Edison


10 replies on “Winter Limited Edition Glenmont with Ruthenium Trim!”

I have to have one. Ordered! It’ll be my second Edison pen. Wonder if I can learn to write left-handed so I can use both at once.

Yay! It’s been awhile since I had a chance to opt into 1 of your limited edition runs! And now I can get a couple pieces that match my Nouveau Premiere Black Ice 2014! 🙂

I am glad I find this pen “merely” extremely beautiful. I am glad this pen did not grab me by the ankles, flip me upside down and shake me until all the money fell out of my pockets. I can admire it from afar and not be broke…until the next pen takes my breath away.

Brian, nice job on this pen! I ordered it last night. It’s been a while since I bought an Edison (you may remember the black & red Pearl that was one of your first livestreamed jobs and ended up on FPN), but I just had to have this one. Thanks!

Great LE edition, Brian. Very classy design on a nice pen model. I would have pulled the trigger early if there was an EF option. Then the pen was sold out in a day… May be next time.

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