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Stamped #8 Edison Nibs and Current Inventory Updated!

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very happy to announce that our #8 steel nibs are now coming to us stamped with our logo.

We had plans to introduce this nib with branding from the beginning, but we didn’t want our customers to wait too long for them to arrive. This why we launched the Collier Grande with a nib that did not have any branding at the beginning. Initially, we were expecting these nibs to be ready later this year, but they were finished much earlier than what we had anticipated.

The Collier Grande is the only model that accepts this nib, but we have plans for more designs using it.

For those that already purchased the Collier Grande with the original unbranded nib that would like to switch to this version, we can trade for a restocking fee of $20 including domestic return shipping. There are some Edison customers who prefer the simplicity of the blank version, so we’re happy to replenish our inventory of blank versions for those that would like to trade.

In addition to this, we have recently updated our Current Inventory Gallery with new Collier Grandes! This pen has been very popular and has sold fast. It’s been difficult for us to keep inventory that is ready to ship, but we have some that are ready to go! You can see them here.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison


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