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#6 Steel Flex Nibs!

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very happy to announce that we now have #6 Steel Flex Nibs!

Within the video below I explain how they are made, show writing samples, and compare them to our Stock 14k Flex nibs.

These Flex nibs are available in Silver Tone only, in Extra Fine or Fine tip sizes.

click for full resolution
click for full resolution

If these are purchased equipped on a Signature Line Pen, the cost will be the same as a pen equipped with a normal Steel Nib. If purchased individually, they will be $28.

These nibs will also be available soon through our retailers that carry our Production Line.

Please email me with any questions.

Brian at Edison

2 replies on “#6 Steel Flex Nibs!”

Good day Brian, Thank you for developing a flex steel nib! As someone who has enjoyed every pen I have purchased from you, I consider the flex steel nib a “must have” item. Please advise me regarding your preferred method of payment for it and I will send it forthwith. Best wishes to you and your family for a joyous holiday season.
Mann Spitler III., DPM

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