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A Price Reduction in the Production Line!

Hi Pen Fans!

I wanted to announce that effective immediately, our Production Line will see a price decrease.

The price for any of our Production Line Pens with a steel nib has been $169.

The new price will be $149.

A few factors are driving this. For those of you who remember, these pens were originally priced at $149 when we first started offering the Production Line about 12-13 years ago.

Then in 2018, we announced a price increase to $169. This increase was driven by many factors at that time.

  • Much more expensive overhead when we moved to a very nice and spacious commercial location, having outgrown the location at our home.
  • A large investment into a LOT of new machinery.
  • Hiring more employees.

Since this price increase in 2018, we have accomplished more than a few things that have allowed us to reconsider Production Line pricing.…

  • Over the years, I’ve been able to optimize all aspects of programming for faster assembly-line production regarding our newer automated machinery.
  • We’ve also been able to streamline our manual assembly-line processes.
  • We’ve had the same fantastic employees for a minimum of 5 years each now. Frankly, all of us have honed our skills for faster production while retaining high quality and committing fewer time-wasting mistakes. Finding employees that have previous experience in penmaking isn’t exactly easy! It definitely takes a long time to develop expertise in this field. I’m thankful to say that all of us here have become very highly skilled penmakers, which makes everyone here very effective at what we do.
  • Our overhead costs have been reduced a good bit, since we now own our commercial building, rather than renting our space.

The bottom line is that our cost to manufacture the Production Line has gone down. We feel that adjusting the retail price accordingly is the right move.

So effective immediately, you will see that all of our retailers who carry the Production Line will have their prices adjusted to $149 for all pens with a steel nib. Click here to see our entire Production Line, as well as the retailers that carry them.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison

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There are very few people who do business this way. May you and your company continue to be blessed and continue to make beautiful pens.

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