Current Inventory

Current Inventory Updated with LOTS of Pens Ready To Ship….

Hi Pen Fans.

As I mentioned previously, we went to the Ohio Pen Show with LOTS of inventory.

Not all of them sold, so there’s a lot of pens ready for new homes, and ready to ship.

You can watch the slideshow below, or visit the Current Inventory Gallery to see all of these pens.


There’s almost 200 pens in this gallery so make sure that you have a look.

The slideshow is randomized, but the gallery is sorted by model name, alphebetically.

If you wish to place an order, just email me.


Brian at Edison


Current Inventory

Current Inventory, and Model Comparison…

Hi Pen Fans.

I have two new additions to the website, both of which are on the left-hand column.

First is Current Inventory, which you can see here.  Current inventory is exactly that.  Most of my orders are custom made, and go to a backlog that usually takes 2-3 weeks depending upon how busy I am.

All of the pens on this page are finished, and can ship immediately, if someone would rather not wait.  This page will be constantly changing, so be sure to check in from time to time, if you have interest.

Next is a Model Comparison, which can be seen here.

I have received requests from many clients that they would love to see a side-by-side comparison of all my pen models.

Here is the photo….

(…and consider this a sneak peek of a new model that will be officially launched right after the LA Pen Show…more to come…)


Brian at Edison



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