Production Line

Anderson Pens Now Carrying Edison!

Hi Pen Fans!

Just a quick update regarding the Production Line.

We are proud to announce that is now carrying the Production Line!  So the Collier and Hudson can now be purchased through the Andersons in addition to all of our other retailers.  The Collier can be seen here, and the Hudson here.

Make sure to check out their website linked above, or you can see their blog here.

Many of you have probably figured out that we at Edison choose our retailers carefully.  We like to sell our Production Line through "mom-and pop" retailers that embody the same values that we do towards customer service, and the Andersons are certainly no exception.

We’ve known Brian and Lisa for a long time now from the pen show circuit.  Click here to learn more about them.

The Andersons have been well known for their vintage pens, especially Esterbrooks, so if you are an Estie fan, make sure to give them a visit.  And if you want to hear a real amazing tale, ask them how the Esterbook line of pens actually led to their marriage!  Very cool story!

But of course, they do carry plenty of very nice modern pens, yours truly now included!  So be sure to visit their website and/or blog.

So the Edison Production Line is now carried by Goldspot Luxury Gifts, The Goulet Pen Company,, Richard Binder, and we are proud to now add Anderson Pens to this list.  Click Here for links to each of their websites and purchasing information.

Side note – I realize that I mentioned that a new pen model would be coming this week!  Bear with me!  I should have this announcement ready tomorrow or Thursday!


Brian at Edison

Production Line

Production Line Now Available at!

Hi Pen Fans!

I am proud to annouce that is now an authorized retailer of the Edison Production Line.

So the complete list of retailers that sell the Edison Pen Production Line are now…

Goldspot Luxury Gifts
Goulet Pen Company
Richard Binder

This means that the Hudson and Collier can now be purchased from 4 different fine retailers.  The Premiere is available only at the Goulet Pen Co.

As a side note – expect to see some new offerings within the Production Line before the end of the year.

And the Ohio Pen Show is this weekend!  I’ll have more details as the week progresses, but I look forward to seeing lots of you there!

Brian at Edison