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Current Inventory Updated, Pearl Group Buy, and Production Collier....

Hi Pen Fans.

Three things to cover within this blog post....

1.  Current Inventory has been updated since the LA Pen Show.  There are around 50 new pens there, including about 12 bulb fillers.  Click here for the gallery.

2.  There is a group buy in progress at the Fountain Pen Network.  The pen will be a clipped Pearl.  If you have ever wanted to get a Pearl at a lower price, go here for details.

3.  The material for the Production Line Collier in Antique Marble is going through a very small change.  The manufacturer slightly changed the color.  See the photo below.

The new version is on the left.  The old version is on the right.

I think that you can see that the difference is very very slight.  There is a little bit less orange.  This difference is so slight, that I hesitated to even announce it, but I felt it was best do do so.

There are no more of the original versions left, so from now on, all of the retailers will be carrying this slightly less orange color.


Brian at Edison

Tom's Gravatar I think you mean old version on right, new on left.
# Posted By Tom | 3/2/12 3:36 PM
Brian Gray's Gravatar You are correct!

I made the edit above. Thanks!
# Posted By Brian Gray | 3/2/12 3:49 PM
Matthew N.'s Gravatar Dear Mr. Gray,

Does the new version of Antique Marble still have the weird angle-dependent translucent effect thingy that you highlighted in your videos on the Collier? Thanks much!
# Posted By Matthew N. | 3/13/12 3:26 PM
Brian Gray's Gravatar Yes, Matthew, the material still has the same translucent properties.

The only difference in the material is the slight change in shade. Like I said above, I hesitated to mention this, as it's barely noticeable, even when you hold both in your hand.
# Posted By Brian Gray | 3/13/12 3:41 PM
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