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Pearl Limited Edition Group Buy…

Hi Pen Fans!

Most of your are aware that there is a Pearl Limited Edition Group Buy going on. 

If you are not aware, then you can visit these threads to get up to speed….

Click Here for the Announcement and Terms Thread

Click Here for the Materials Poll Thread

So to summarize, there is a lot of interest in a Limited Edition Pearl.  We tried to narrow it down to one material, but the votes were so close that we decided to just go ahead and make a Limited Edition Pearl with two materials.

There will be a Pearl in Beige/Black Swirl ebonite for $190….

….or in Cobalt Fleck Acrylic for $170.

So if you are interested in getting a Pearl at a significant discount, you can….

Click Here for the Purchasing Thread


Click Here for the Purchasing Page at the Goulet Pen Company

There will be a purchasing window of only two weeks.  Your last chance to buy either pen will be Sunday, March 25th at Midnight, EST.

Group buys that are run by the Edison Pen Company, and not another organization happen very rarely (this is the first), so if you’ve ever wanted a Signature Line pen at a significant discount, you have two weeks to decide!


Brian at Edison

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