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Great News For Our Canadian Fans!

Hi Pen Fans!

It is with great pleasure that I announce our newest retailer in Canada!  Wonder Pens is now carrying the Edison Production Line!  Our Canadian customers seeking to avoid international shipping and hassle now have a great option!

If you subscribe to our blog, you would have received a request about a month ago asking for feedback from our Canadian customers as to which Canadain retailer each of you like to see carrying the Edison Line.  Overwhelmingly (by a huge margin), Wonder Pens was the highest recommended.

And there's little surprise from me.  Although I've never met Jon and Liz Chan live, we've done business previously, and I've been following their blog for a while now.  They definitely embody the qualities that we look for in our retailers.  We are always quite choosy about who carries our line, and our current Canadian representation is no exception!

Head on over to their webstore to take a look at their Edison (as well as other) offerings and be sure to check out their blog.  Or if you are in the Toronto area, they have an excellent brick and mortar location.


Brian at Edison



A New Retailer Carrying the Production Line in the US!

Hi Pen Fans!

I'm very happy to announce that there is now another fine retailer carrying the Production Line in the US.

While at the DC Pen Show, we got a chance to meet Leena Shrestha-Menon, who runs Pen Boutique in Maryland.

After some very nice conversations and emails, we figured that our businesses compliment each other very well, and carrying the Edison Production Line became a very easy fit for both of us.

Pen Boutique has a very extensive online selection, but they also have two brick and mortar locations in Columbia and also Bethesda, MD.

Click Here to see the Edison Offerings at Pen Boutique.


Brian at Edison




Another European Retailer for the Production Line!

Hi Pen Fans!

I've very please to announce that La Couronne du Comte from the Netherlands, is now carrying the Edison Production Line!

I've known the general manager, Dennis van der Graaf, for a bit now and I've also enjoyed following their social media campaigns.

A lot of the reasons for adding La Couronne du Comte to our retailers comes from my European customers telling me how wonderful of a business they run.  So between my relationship with Dennis and the word of my customers, I'm sure that the Edison Production Line will be in good hands over in the Netherlands!

You can see the Edison Line on their webstore by clicking here. 


Brian at Edison

Introducing a New Retailer Carrying the Production Line - Tim Girdler Pens!

Hi Pen Fans!

I'm very happy to introduce a new retailer that will be carrying our Production Line.

Here at Edison, we are typically a little picky about who carries our Production Pens, and there is no exception in our newest retailer - Tim Girdler of Tim Girdler Pens. (you can see Tim hard at work in the pic below).

I've known Tim from the Pen Show circuit for a while now, and we've done plenty of business in the past.  You couldn't meet a nicer or more honest person!

Tim's business has historically been focused on vintage pen resoration, as well as custom nib grinds and tuning.  When he began branching out to selling new pens, we figured that our businesses would compliment each other very well.

I encourage you to visit Tim's site and have a look around.  Not only at the Edison Pens, but be sure to check out his custom grind and pen restoration services.  Tim spent a lot of time under the tutelage of Richard Binder.  You can rest assured of great work when you are in the hands of a protege of Richard's!

You can visit this page to see the Edison Pens on his site.  And remember that having Tim as an Edison retailer gives you another option for a custom ground nib on your Edison Pen out the door!


Brian at Edison

 Tim Girdler at the DC Pen Show

Farewell, Encore!

Hi Pen Fans!

Edison and Goulet have come to a difficult decision regarding the Encore.  It will be discontinued.  Whatever inventory left is currently with the Goulet's, and is being sold at a discount.  When these pens are gone, they are gone.

This was a bit of a difficult decision, as personally, the Encore is one of my favorite pens!  The LE Encore is still my daily writer, and has been for the last year!  Bottom line, the Encore was a fairly popular pen, but not as popular as the rest of the Production Line, and it didn't sell with the volume required for us to keep it at a production pace. 

The lower demand had a lot to do with price.  The main driving factor behind this was the cast medallion in the finial.  Although I feel that it's gorgeous, they aren't cheap to manufacture, and this drove the retail price higher than any other Production Line Pen.

So this decision is probably best, and then we will move onto some other projects that will also be unique and appealing in the near future, so stay tuned!

Please visit the Goulet Website for more information as well as a video from the Goulets regarding this decision.

Price of the pen will be marked down from $165 to $145.  Click here to buy this pen before they are gone!

Brian at Edison

Edison Pens Have Come to Asia!

Hi Pen Fans!

There is yet another retailer carrying the Edison Production Line internationally.

This time, we are getting our pens into the hands of our friends in Asia!

Nagasawa, with retail locations in Kobe and Osaka, Japan, are now carrying the Edison Production Line.

We're very proud to be spreading Edison goodness across the globe!

Brian at Edison


Production Line Available With Another Fine Retailer in Europe! The Writing Desk!

Hi Pen Fans!

I'm proud to announce that the Edison Pen Company's Production Line is now available from our second European retailer, this time in the United Kingdom!

Martin and Anna Roberts, with The Writing Desk, have received their first shipment of the Production Line, and the pens are ready to ship!

This currently makes two retailers outside of the US, and we are working on some stay tuned!


Brian at Edison

Edison Production Line Now Available in Europe!

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video above...

1.  The Edison Production Line is now available in Europe, via

2.  This means that the Beaumont, Herald, Hudson, and Collier can now be purchased direct in Europe.

3.  Expect to see more international sellers in the next few months.


Brian at Edison

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