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Sull, Minuskin, Edison LE Platt Rogers Spencer Pen!

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video above….

1.  Apologies for the confusion on the Fountain Pen Network yesterday.

2.  There is a new Limited Edition Pen that commemorates Platt Rogers Spencer, the Father of American Handwriting.

3.  Who is Michael Sull?

4.  The engravings on the pen are scans of either Spencer’s actual signature, or Michael Sull’s own artwork/handwriting.

5.  This pen commemorates Spencer, along with a monument that was recently dedicated to him in Geneva, Ohio on August 24th.

6.  The pen with a Steel nib will be $185.  With an 18k or 14k nib, $295.
Italic grinds or regrinds will be $70.  Adding Flex to the 14k nib will be $65.

7.  If you elect for a customized nib, Greg Minuskin will do all the nib modifications prior to shipping.

8.  A video showing what to expect from Greg’s 14k modified full flex nib work should be posted on my blog within two weeks.

9.  The buying period is open now, and will end on October 19th.

10.  Go to to order the pen.

11.  Estimated delivery of the pens is prior to the Holidays.


Michael Sull, Greg Minuskin, and Brian at Edison

If you cannot see the slideshow below, please click here.

14 replies on “Sull, Minuskin, Edison LE Platt Rogers Spencer Pen!”

Will there be anything done in relation to the memorial? Didn’t know if a portion of the proceeds would be given or not. Just a thought.

Lovely pen. I like the extra artwork and how different this is. The handwriting on it is impressive.

Hi Brian,

Just want a clarification on this point: The engravings on the pen are scans of either Spencer’s actual signature, or Michael Sull’s own artwork/handwriting.

Will the pen come with BOTH engravings, or only either one?



Hi Kite.

Correct, the engravings are scans of Spencer’s signature, and Michael’s artwork. The pens will come with 4 engravings in total.

1. Spencer’s signature on the barrel
2. Michael’s text showing Spencer’s name and dates on the opposite side of the barrel.
3. Michael’s artwork of the quill on the finial
4. The Limited Edition # above the centerband, below the clip.


There will not be a set number. Rather than setting a certain number, we are taking orders. However many we sell will be the number of pens manufactured. So we will know how many after the buying period, which is October 19th.


First, I would like to congratulate Brian, Greg and Sull for coming out with this wonderful pen.
My comment is this:
Spencerian writing is well known for its fine lines and dramatic line variation.
I understand the 14K nib is only available in stock medium trim.
For a pen of this pedigree, would not it be fitting to offer F or even XF (for 14K nib) as standard options instead of having to pay extras for conversion from M?

Hi Colin.

Thanks for the comments.

I completely understand what you are saying about stock Mediums vs. stock Fine or even Extra fines.

Bottom line, 14k nibs are the best for conversion to Full Flex, due to the fact that 14k gold is more springy. 18k will not work at all for altered flex. 18k simply will not become a good flex nib, since it is too soft. It will simply be an overly wet nib, and never return to a non-flexed state, due to the softness. Not good.

Don’t get me wrong, 18k unaltered will still make a good flex nib, but not as good as 14k altered.

However, the overall worldwide demand is for 18k. It is a great alloy for a nib, as it is semi-flexible, and all around wonderful. I think that it’s safe to say that more than 95% of gold nib sales worldwide is 18k. The rest is 14k, with a few exceptions.

But 14k is only truly flexible when it has been properly altered for flex. When it’s not altered, it’s kind of a boring nib. Since this happens rarely, the nib manufacturers will rarely be concerned with 14k nibs, as a very small percentage of them will be altered.

So when the nib manufacturers look at this, they see a very very small percentage of the pen market that has any kind of need for 14k.

For these reasons, we probably ought to consider ourselves lucky to get a 14k nib offering at all, to be honest. The fact that a nib manufacturer is giving a 14k of any size is pretty good for the pen community. Personally, I’m happy that it’s a Medium. This is a good range to work within typical customizations.



Thanks Brian for being upfont.
That’s the harsh reality of life – economics.
The target audience here will be a very select group into dip pens and will certainly appreciate what a 14K nib can produce.
Looking forward to your video showcasing stock and Minuflex nibs.

For those of us who like to write in cursive hand, but don’t know or use Spencerian script, could you post an explanation and a sample of modern cursive writing that would give us an idea of why we might really enjoy one of these pens even if we don’t know Spencerian script? Thanks!

Congratulations Brian. It’s great to see you going from strength to strength. I already have a few of your pens and I’m paid up for this one too – quality, service, creativity and flex! THanks again.

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