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Toronto….and on the way, The Pearl…

Hey Pen Fans!

I will be attending the Toronto pen show this weekend.

I hope to see some of you there, specifically some members of the London Pen Club.  I have traded emails with some members, and I look forward to meeting some folks live.

I will give a preview of a new model pen that will be emerging very soon.  This pen will be called "The Pearl".

Within a week, I’ll make an official announcement, but for now, take a peek at what will come.

This pen will have options for TWO ink windows.  One below the section, and one within a blind cap that has been bored out to reveal the ink. 

Stay tuned…I’ll make the announcement soon…


Brian at Edison

4 replies on “Toronto….and on the way, The Pearl…”

Great looking pen Brian. I am always impressed with your pens.

What kind of finish do you put on your pens?
Does the Pearl’s cap post?

Just curious. Thanks,

//Two questions:
Is the pen an ED?
Does it have a clip? //

Yes, ED. I’m working on the clip now. If you want to check out the Fountain Pen Newtork, I’m about to post pics of the various clips and get peoples opinions.

Here’s a link…

//What kind of finish do you put on your pens?
Does the Pearl’s cap post?//

They get polished, and then some wax.

Yes, the cap does post.


Fantastic looking pen. I really enjoy how the partially clear section above the threads is balanced at the top of the barrel. Nice!

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