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Charity Auction of Two Edison Pens…

Hi Pen Fans.

It is with pleasure that I’d like to announce the Charity Auction of two Edison Pens to benefit Cherished Creations.  Cherished Creations is a charity that benefits seriously ill and underprivelaged children.

The kind folks over at The Fountain Pen Network have agreed to allow me to host the acution on their website.

Rather then repeat a rather long and lengthy thread that already exists at the FPN, I will simply include some pictures here and post a link to a thread announcing the auction.


Here are pictures of the pens that are going up for auction.

Please click the link above to learn more about the auction, about Cherished Creations, and how a donation or bid can help seriously ill and underprivelaged children.


Brian at Edison

8 replies on “Charity Auction of Two Edison Pens…”

Send your email address to…

I can send the thread as a PDF or HTML document to you so you can have all the background information.

Bids will be sent to me via email, so even if you don’t have access to FPN, you can still participate.


Brian at Edison

Actually, Kurt is right.

In order to view pics on FPN, you need to be a member. I just realized this.

Kurt – you can see the pics above, or you can send me an email and I’ll send the pics. The only part of the threads that you will miss are the pictures. You will be able to read the threads, just not see pictures.

And the video of the pen filling is here…

And when the auction starts, you can also see that thread. You can bid simply by sending me an email in the way that I will outline in the thread.

But if you can read the text, then you are missing nothing between the pictures in this blog entry, and the YouTube video.

And Kurt – if you cannot see text…cannot see anything, then send me an email. I’ll send everything to you.

those are great! especially the first one. the quality of these products leaves no doubt (I made a small research and read lots of articles downloaded by torrent search engine with positive references to this stationery) with the Christmas coming, I think I know what I’ll choose as a present:)

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