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A Late-Night Penmaking Session….

Hi Pen Fans.

I have had my webcam running since the beginning of my company, and it’s been a big success.

There, customers can see me making pens live in real time and chat with me as their pen is being made.  I have one camera set up to show a close-up of the work on the lathe, and also an overhead camera showing my shop in general.

This has been a great way for my customers to see their pens made, make real-time alterations to custom pens, and also get a better understanding of how penmaking occurs.

However, a limitation has been my time schedule.  I’m out there Monday through Friday, 9-5 EDT.

I have developed a regular crowd, and most of these people are folks who have a computer at their workplace, and can tune in off-and-on during the day.

But I realize that I’m missing a large crowd of people.  These include people who do not have a computer at their workplace, and also people on the West Coast or international regions where my time schedule just doesn’t work out.

So next week, I’m going to do a late-night penmaking session.

On Tuesday, March 30th, I will do a penmaking session at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

This is a good time slot for people who’s job will not allow viewing and also for people who’s time zones do not coincide.

The best way to watch and chat is to go to this page…

However, people can also watch and chat from their iPhone or Android, using the Ustream Viewer App, which is here…

Here’s what will happen on Tuesday night…

I will be making a pen for my inventory that I haven’t made before.  This will be a Huron in Crossgrain Ivory Celluloid.

I’ve used plenty of standard Ivory Celluloid, but I recently found some that is cut crossgrain.  This will make a very striking effect.

The stock that I will use is photographed below…


I will also do an additional pen, and I will leave the specifics of this pen up to the crowd.

I’ll be happy to take suggestions.  Any material, any model, even highly custom, within reason…so post some suggestions.

Then I’ll be happy to take questions and chat (although I will certainly chat where I can during the making process, as well).

So if you are interested, please tune in….

Tuesday, March 30th, 7:00 pm EDT.  or use the iPhone or Android Ustream Viewer App.

I hope to see lots of you there!

Brian at Edison

10 replies on “A Late-Night Penmaking Session….”

What a great idea for us Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West. I don’t have any solid suggestions, but I’d love to watch you make one of the new pens you just introduced, the elongated Pearl.

Good idea from both of you.

I could use more Morgans for inventory, regardless.


How about pacing a few "Metal" rings on the barrel and also on the lip of the cap…like other much larger pen companies do?
Is this a possibility?

Many thanks.
Keep up the utterly fantastic pen making art.
Jerome N. Fine

for the longer term, have you considered
other materials such as Richlite
(Tacoma WA), a composite of phenolic
resin & paper (FSC-cert &/or recycled)
that feels to me a little like hard rubber. It’s has architectural & industrial applications. Usually
comes in sheets that you may need to have
cut down for your lathe, but you might
find leftovers from a kitchen counter fabricator

Just a reminder that tonight is the night.

For those of you that have tuned in during the day, this will be a little different.

I will be taking my time, and explaining as much as I can as I go, to make the session as informative as I can. Normally, I don’t always have time for this.

I have tentatively decided that the second pen will be a Stealth Morgan (satin finish) in black acrylic or ebonite. Still taking suggestions, however.

Hope to see you tonight.

Brian at Edison

Brian – Would love to watch the process and hear you go through what your doing but I think that time would equate to around 10:30 am here.
Would it be possible to record and have the demonstration available at a later date?

Both the Pearl in Striated Casein and the Huron in Gross-grain Ivory Celluloid are just a true delight! I will kkep my eye on this site, to see how long both of these stay in your inventory…..

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