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Snake Clips!

Hi Pen Fans.

In the past, I’ve had cast sterling snake clips, but truth be told, I was only OK with their designs.

I recently enlisted the help of a friend to create some custom snake clips to my specifications and design.

I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

They wrap around the cap of a Huron or Glenmont.  Since they are not attached all the way around the cap, they are adjustable to a degree to make a perfect fit.

They are probably not all that functional, outside of keeping a pen from rolling off of a desk.  They are more decorative.  I wouldn’t recommend slipping the clips over a real thick pocket, as they might bend.  However, being sterling silver, they can easily be moved back into tension.

The clip is shown below in a black acrylic pen with a satin finish.

Being silver, I don’t recommend these clips going onto an ebonite pen.  The ebonite outgassing will tarnish the clip.  However, the black acrylic that you see above is a perfect “faux” ebonite.  It’s rather soft, and not at all brittle like most acrylics.  When a pen is finished in this acrylic, I can’t tell the difference between this and ebonite without smelling.

This clip looks great with black acrylic.  I have trouble picturing this clip on something with grain, or a wild material, as your eye would be divided between the material and the clip.  However, I can see this clip with some other solid colors…blue, red, green, etc….

These clips will add $90 to the cost of a pen.

Thanks for looking!

Brian at Edison



6 replies on “Snake Clips!”

Creepy…I do like clips but would not like something like that on my pen staring me in the face. Nice pen thugh.

I like the snake clip, and am considering have one put on a custom pen from Edison; perhaps in jade green. That ought to look cool. I have in my collection the original "Agatha Christie" Montblanc FP and BP. Both have a stering silver clips.

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