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Improved Rollerballs….With a Special Introductory Price…

Hi Pen Fans.

The vast majority of my business without a doubt is fountain pens.  But I do get plenty of orders for rollerballs.

In the past, my rollerball sections have been fine.  They were injected plastic, always black with gold or rhodium trim.  Nothing wrong with this at all.  But here’s what I didn’t like about them….I was not manufacturing them.  I was outsourcing the sections.  When possible, I really like to make sure that I manufacture every part on my pens, with the nib and usually the clip being obvious exceptions.

Well, I recently was able to devote some time to perfecting the manufacturing of my rollerball sections.

When I manufactured these, here’s the changes that I made…

The new rollerball sections are not limited to black.  I can now make a rollerball section to match the material of the pen.  In my opinion, this makes a huge difference in the overall look of the pen.

The section is more slender.  The old rollerball sections were a little thick and clunky.

The rollerball refills are Schmidt 5888’s, and Schmidt 888’s, which have always been my favorite. In mediums, I have Blue, Black, Red, Green, Turquoise, Magenta, Purple, Orange, and Light Green.  In fines, I have Blue and Black.  I’m looking for even more selection.

For those who prefer a ballpoint, I have only a medium point black refill for now.

Below is a photo of a Morgan rollerball in Red/Black ebonite with the new section.

The metal tips can be gold or rhodium to match any material.

I’ll be adding more and more photos to the Rollerball Page very soon, but in the meatime, any of my pens can be customized to become a rollerball, and any material that we can dream up can be used.

I also have rollerball refills of various lengths.  If someone wanted to customize a pen to be shorter, like a pocket pen or a smaller pen for a purse, we can customize in any way.

As a special introductory price, I’m going to sell these through the month of October for $175. 

Then beginning in November, price will go to $200.  These prices are the same for any model of pen that you might be interested in.

Additionally, I had someone ask a good question…These rollerball sections will fit into my fountain pen bodies.  So if you wanted to buy a fountain pen that would have an extra rollerball section, this is no problem.  I haven’t determined the exact price of the rollerball section only, but I will soon.

Please email me if you are interested.


Brian at Edison




3 replies on “Improved Rollerballs….With a Special Introductory Price…”

More! More!!! I won’t be able to tune in for your live cast as the clocks are all different, but I wait with great anticipation for the final reveal – and will be hoping to add one to my little gang of Edison pens!
Great stuff Brian!

Very nice overlay! I will be interested to see the launch of this one. Might need a second Edison pen!

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