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LA Report and The Edison Nouveau Premiere

Hi Pen Fans!

LA was crazy as usual! 

Be sure to tune in tonight at Brian Goulet’s Write Time at Nine Broadcast to see the introduction of the Edison Nouveau Premiere.


Here is the gallery to my photos from the LA Pen Show

Here is a thread started by AltecGreen at the FPN.  This is a wonderful thread showing lots of the LA Pen Show happenings.

Here is the Goulet Pen Co’s announcement of the Edison Nouveau Premiere.

Here is the page to place pre-orders for the Premiere.

Click here to tune in tonight at 9:00pm EDT for the official launch of the Premiere, and learn all about it.


Brian at Edison

2 replies on “LA Report and The Edison Nouveau Premiere”

Looking forward to tonight, Brian! Hopefully you’re able to catch up from the show. Shows are a blast but they definitely take a lot out of you! It sounds like it was well worth it, as it always is when you can meet your fans face to face 😉

I really like the look of this pen, but only wish that the clip was pointed at the top, like the old Sheaffer Balance, which flows with the design of the pen.

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