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Introducing The Collier!

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video above….

1.  The retailers that are carrying The Collier can be found here.

2.  Photo gallery of The Collier is here.

3.  Price is $150 steel nib, $275 18k nib.

4.  I will be doing another video blog soon with more details regarging this pen.  Materials, design, dimensions, etc.


(if you are not seeing the slideshow below, click here.)


Brian at Edison

3 replies on “Introducing The Collier!”

Is it possible for you to make a Collier fountain pen for ME using a different clip than what you show in your sample shots? The clip will be one that you show in one of your other ads.


Jerry Fine

Yes, the Collier can be made in custom materials, or customized in any way. But it will then be considered a custom pen, so the price would start at $250, like the rest of the Signature line. Email me.

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