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Email Only Specials!

Hi Pen Fans!

(Click here if you cannot see this video)

Highlights from the video….

1.  To receive Email Only Specials, make sure that you subscribe to my blog.  This is done by putting your email into the "Subscribe" field in the upper-right corner of my website….

2.  These specials will go to your Inbox only.  They will not be advertised on my website.

3.  Email Only Specials will be prototypes, pens that have been returned, pens that have been refurbished, pens of a special material where I only have enough to make one, and whatever else I can be creative with to offer my most loyal customers.  Everything offered as an Email Only Special will be completely rebuilt where needed to make sure that the product is "like-new" or "factory refurbished" (you won’t be able to tell the difference between Email Only Special pens, and any other pen that I offer).

4.  There will be a discount from typical retail.

5.  Merchandise that is an Email Only Special will be fully supported in the same manner as all "brand new" Edison products.  If you have a problem, I’ll take care of you.

6.  You will not get Email Only Specials from an RSS or Blog reader.  You need to be subscribed and receive my website content through email.

7.  After subscribing, make sure to check your Inbox (and Spam folder, just in case) to click the link confirming your email.

8.  I won’t share your email, spam you, etc…and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

9.  Expect the first Email Only Special within two weeks (I already have a pretty cool pen in mind).  And from then on, once or twice a month.

Email me with any questions.


Brian at Edison


5 replies on “Email Only Specials!”

Does this mean that only a few pens will be available each time and they will be on a first-come basis or will you be able to make them available to all who want to buy them?

Brian, I have subscribed to your e-mail deal multiple times and I never get these e-mails sent to me.
I only get them from Jim Hughes when he
Forewards them on to me.

Hi Mike.

I just put your email into the subscription database. Check your inbox for an email that will confirm the subscription. You’ll need to click a link to make the final confirmation. Be sure to check your spam folder, just in case.


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