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The New LE Premiere!

Hi Pen Fans.

The new Edison Nouveau Premiere Limited Edition is here!

This is a pen that is a collaboration with the Goulets over at the Goulet Pen Co.


This material is a wonderful ebonite that we’re calling Cherry Cordial.

The edition is limited to 100.  The last time that we did a Limited Edition Premiere, we made 50 pens, and they were all sold in two weeks!  So if you like what you see, these went very fast last time!

For purchasing information please go to this link at The Goulet Pen Co.


Brian at Edison

6 replies on “The New LE Premiere!”

We’re so thrilled about these pens, Brian. They’ve turned out even better than we’d initially hoped. You have such a stellar reputation and we’re just honored to be collaborating with you!

These are indeed gorgeous. I’ve never owned an ebonite pen before, and I’m seriously considering starting with this one.

I do have one question: I have relatively big hands. I can use a Pilot Custom 98 or a Pilot Capless Fermo fine, but they’re probably too small for me; I frequently find myself regripping the pen. As much as I love my C98 I doubt I’ll ever get a pen that small on purpose again.

I’m much more comfortable using my Pilot Custom 823. It feels like it fits in my hand much better, is a bit heavier, and easier to control.

How does the LE Premiere compare in size/weight/thickness to a C823 or a Capless?


Sorry, I really don’t have enough experience with those pens to comment. If you know the specs on those pens, I can provide specs on the Premiere as a comparison.

Remember that there is a return policy, so if you try the pen, and find that it’s not right for your hand, you can return it.


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