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Introducing the Del Coronado!

Hi Pen Fans!

There is a new pen to introduce!

The Del Coronado is the second overlay pen from the Edison Pen Company.  It is a collaboration with Dan Furlano, a very talented penmaker.  Dan is also a longtime close friend of mine.  Click here to see his website and work.


1.  It’s very difficult to photograph all the features of an overlay pen, so be sure to watch the HD portion of the video, if nothing else.  Especially the threaded posting of the cap!

2.  You can see all specifications and pricing information here.

3.  We have the pen in black for now, but other colors are coming and, of course, custom colors are possible.

4.  In order to keep the pricing reasonable, we used plated precious metal (gold and rhodium), rather than solid precious metal.  If you would like to inquire about a version made in solid gold or solid sterling, just email me.



Brian at Edison


2 replies on “Introducing the Del Coronado!”

Gorgeous and classic! A nod to the overlay pens of the past, while keeping a fresh, current aesthetic. This is one which you should be proud of, Brian!

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