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Chicago Pen Show!

Hi Pen Fans!

We’ll be heading to the Chicago for the Pen Show very soon!

HIghlights from the video…

1.  The Pearl Limited Edition Group Buy was a big success.  If there is interest, this can be an annual event.

2.  See the Chicago Pen Show Inventory!

3.  Next week, Eric and Dan with the Fountain Pen Geeks will be visiting the shop for a couple days.  Expect so see some neat things as a result.


Brian at Edison

2 replies on “Chicago Pen Show!”

Hey Brian –

In the video when you’re showing the racks there’s a material that caught my eye. Appears to be the same for both pens – at c. 2:43, a clipped Pearlette, seventh down in the tray, and at c. 3:02, an extended Mina, third from the bottom in the tray. What is it? Looks kind of a butter yellow? We may have to talk if so…

Hi Sheila.

Yes, those are the same materials. This is a brand new material that I haven’t even named yet. Once we get back from Chicago, remind me and I’ll get good photos of this material. But for now, if you refer to them as "Striated Cream", then I’ll know what you mean until I find a better name for it.


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