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Back From Vacation! Much Needed, But We’re Back to Work!

Hi Pen Fans.

I’m back from my vacation.  Like I said previously…..since starting The Edison Pen Company, I really have never taken a vacation with family where we actually travel, and I actually get away from emails! 

This was my son’s first time flying!  He was so excited, and had a great time all around!

We took a trip to Scottsdale, AZ, and definitely had a nice time.  Some of you know that I enjoy photography.  I’ll attach a photo from Sedona that I’m pretty proud of.

If you would like to see more, I’ve uploaded a lot of photos from the trip to my photography blog.  I haven’t processed every shot from this trip yet, so there will probably be a few more entries from this trip in the next few days if you want to stay tuned.

So I feel fully refreshed!  I really needed some time away.

But back to Edison business…..I’ll be getting through my emails tomorrow, Monday.  So if you are expecting a response from me, you’ll hear from me then.

Some previews of what is to come soon….

1.  We have a new model for the Production Line that should materialize in the next 2-3 weeks, I hope.  I’m very excited about this new pen.

2.  We have a great looking Signature Line "Stealth" pen coming together very nicely that will be a Limited Edition.  There will be a few features on this pen that I’ve never used before, so stay tuned.  I’m waiting on a few special parts to come together, and then we’ll be all set.


Brian at Edison


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