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Michigan Was Great, But Our 7 Year Old Had The Most Fun, Thanks to the PCA!

Hi Pen Fans!

We had a great time at the Michigan Pen Show.  Albeit a smaller show, it’s definitely worth the trip.  I recommend attending even if you have a significant drive.  This is a show that we attended this year for the first time, and we will be returning.

I could write my typical summary of a pen show, and I could share my typical pen show pictures….but I forgot my camera (darn!), and there is a much more interesting topic to discuss…

We brought along Andrew, our 7-year-old to his first pen show!  He had a blast…mostly thanks to the PCA!

Andrew made out with around 8 pens…much more than me!  He helped us set up and tear down our display and also helped us arrange the pens, materials samples, and our overall display.  He loved checking out all of the dealer’s tables and learning more and more about pens!

But most importantly, he really enjoyed the Pen Collectors of America’s Pens for Kids presentation by Ralph Stilwell.

Seriously, folks….not only to do I recommend that YOU get to the pen shows if you have not, but I highly recommend that you bring your kids to the pen shows!  They will enjoy the show overall, but the PCA will always have a great presentation aimed at the younger generations.

The PCA is an organization that is very important to our little hobby, but they do not always get the recognition that they deserve, my opinion.

If you are not a member of the PCA, I would encourange you to consider membership.  It will only cost you $40 annually to support this wonderful organization.  Besides supporting an organization who does great things for our hobby including getting younger generations excited about pens, you will also receive a subscription to The Pennant, a magazine that I personally find very valuable and informative.

I’ve been attending most of then pen shows for the last 6-7 years.  At every show, I always hear that the announcement that the PCA Pens For Kids presentation is happening, and I always appreciate it, but honestly….I never fully understood it until I saw the look in my own 7 year old’s eyes and got some feedback direct from him afterwards!

And don’t forget…..Andrew has grown up in a penmaking house!  I really thought that he might be bored by the PCA Pens For KIds presentation.  So if the PCA can manage to get a 7 year old who has been raised in a house that manufactures pens excited about pens all over again…imagine what they can do for your child, and what that impact might have within our fun hobby!

The PCA gives these presentations for kids at pretty much every pen show.  If you can attend a pen show, you’ll love it!  If you can bring your youngsters, they will love the show and the PCA Pens for Kids Presentation!


Brian at Edison

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