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LE Spencer Pen….A Difficult Decision….

Hi Pen Fans.

Please watch the video below for all details regarding the Spencer Limited Edition Pen.

Below is Greg Minuskin’s statement regarding the 14k Full Flex nibs….
Some of you have ordered the special 14k nib in either the green or red hard rubber swirl pen, with the modification of the nib to extra fine and flex. The nibs have been ordered and will arrive shortly. During the testing and prototype phase with the few 14k nibs we had, there has been discovered that during the modification of the nib the feed cannot keep up with the extreme demands some folks have placed on the nib, and the flexed nib puts on feed, resulting in some issues with ink delivery, especially with ink that is recommended with any modern pen that is more fluid, and less thick, resulting in our control group pushing too hard on the nib, bending the nibs and mis-aligning the feed in the processes, requiring both nib and tine repair.

Below is the letter that went out to all customers involved….
This is a message going out to Edison/Minuskin clients that are participating in the Platt Rogers Spencer Limited Edition Pen.

Greg and I have come to an even more difficult decision regarding this pen outside of not offering the 14k full flex nib, but again….we feel that this is the right thing to do.

Today we are getting feedback of rich disappointment regarding the Spencer Pen no longer having a 14k Full Flex option.  After all, how can a pen that is named after Spencer not have the ability to write like a Spencerian nib would?  We have heard this complaint, and we are taking it seriously.

We are regrettably canceling the entire project.  Trust us, this was a very, very difficult decision for us to come to. 

We agree with all of our clients who are not happy that we have marketed a pen to commemorate Spencer, but will not have a nib equipped to write in Spencerian script.

For those who ordered the 14k full flex nib, we are hearing major disappointment.  For those who did not order this nib, I anticipate similar disappointment upon receipt of this news of cancellation.
We’ll be happy to deal with each and every one of you individually to ensure satisfaction in the end.

So we feel that the best solution is to cancel the project.  This may not be a popular decision, but we feel that it’s the right decision, considering how we marketed this pen.  The fact that then in the end, we found that we cannot deliver what we promised bothers us as businessmen.  We take full responsibility for this, and want to make it right.

Therefore, All clients will receive full refunds within a week or two from Greg.  Considering the Thanksgiving Holiday perhaps slowing down mail (and also Greg’s large bookkeeping task involved), please allow leeway on a timely delivery, but trust us, each of you will receive your funds in full.

In addition, as a way of showing our regret for this project being cancelled, Edison will be offering a $50 credit towards any pen ordered within the Signature Line to all clients involved in this project.  We at Edison have a complete spreadsheet with all of your names and emails.  We will honor a $50 credit at any time that you would like to take advantage of this.   We are interested in making a bad situation a good one for all customers involved.

We would like to stress our sincere concern for how we treat our customers.  We recognize that good customer service is critical to the success of a business.  All businesses make mistakes.  We would like to make sure that all customers involved in this mistake feel that they have been treated fairly in the end.

If anyone involved in the project feels unsatisfied in this decision and how we are choosing to handle the situation, I would welcome the opportunity to speak live.  My number at Edison is 567.401.2043.

Again, we offer our deepest regrets.  We marketed a project that we later found out could not be delivered as marketed.  We would like to recognize and take responsibility for this mistake as soon as possible, and make sure that everyone feels that they have been treated correctly as a result.


Brian Gray
Greg Minuskin


If anyone has any questions or concerns, please reach out.  We want to ensure that every client involved with this project is satisfied in the end.

Brian at Edison


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I didn’t buy this pen from you, but it’s very encouraging that still exists people out there with integrity when doing business…keep up the great work. Still trying to figure out the best combination of a pen for myself, lot of material here 😀

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