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Happy Holidays, LE Encores, and New Filling System Coming Soon!

Hi Pen Fans!

First and foremost, I hope that everyone has a Happy Holiday! 

We are wrapping up everything Edison related today, and then we are going to enjoy some time off with family until the New Year!  I will be taking care of emails, but of course, I probably won’t be as fast with emails as normal during the Holidays.

The LE Encores are Finished!  I will post some photos below, or you can see the entire gallery here.

These pens are going to be on their way to the Goulets right after Christmas, and then the Goulets will be shipping to each owner between Christmas and New Years.  So barring something unforeseen, all of the pens should be in the owner’s hands right before or right after the New Year!

There is a new pen that is ready to be announced!  This will be a brand new filling system.  The filling system is very unique.  No other pen company in the world is currently using a filling system like this.  And actually, no major pen company has used anything like this since the 1960’s, if my pen history is correct.

Enough hints!  I’ll be ready to officially announce this pen the week of January 7th, so keep your ear to the ground around then!

Again – everyone have a great Holiday Season!

Brian at Edison



4 replies on “Happy Holidays, LE Encores, and New Filling System Coming Soon!”

They look fantastic…and I’m sure mine is going to write just a great as it looks. Anxiously awaiting delivery around New Years!

Happy Holidays to you and your family, Brian. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Philly in January!

The Encores look great, thank you to you, your team and the Goulet’s for making it possible! I cannot wait to get mine.
Will the new pen be a production or signature pen?
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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