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A Great Show in Philly!

Hi Pen Fans!

As usual, the Philadelphia Pen Show was wonderful!

There was a great article written in the Philadelphia PBS Online Newspaper if you’d like to read it.

Our newest pen, the Beaumont Pneumatic, was a huge hit!  The response to this new pen was wonderful!

Normally at pen shows, I’m able to get lots of photos, but at this particular pen show, I was able to get about half of the photos as I normally would.  That’s how busy we were!

Slideshow of my photos are below.  In particular, take a look at the Custom Bookbindings by Raymond Townsend!  He’s a newcomer to the pen shows, and I was definitely entralled with his work!

I’m catching up on emails now and will continue to do so tomorrow, so if anyone is expecting an email from me, you’ll get by lunchtime tomorrow!


Brian at Edison

(if you cannot see the slideshow below, click here)  

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