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2013 Limited Edition Morgan – an Acrylic Poll, and Then We are Ready!

Hi Pen Fans.

The results of the materials poll yielded Briar Swirl as the clear ebonite winner, so Briar Swirl will be the ebonite material for the 2013 LE Morgan.

However, the acrylic choice is not clear.  The poll required that people vote for both materials, which led to inaccurate acrylic results.  Besides, right now, there’s a dead tie.

So we are going to do a quick poll just for the acrylics.  This poll will close on Thursday, 9:00 am EST.

Then we’ll go to a purchasing period, then start manufacturing.

So if you plan on participating in the 2013 LE Morgan, please visit this link to cast your vote for the acrylic.


Brian at Edison



2 replies on “2013 Limited Edition Morgan – an Acrylic Poll, and Then We are Ready!”

Hi Jonathan.

Just keep your eyes here on my blog. If you want you can subscribe to my blog by inserting your email in the upper right where it says "Subscribe".

This way, you’ll automatically get an email when it’s time to purchase (should be this week or early next), and you will purchase the pen through this site.



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