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2013 LE Stealth Beaumont!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are proud to announce that the 2013 Stealth Beaumont is ready to launch! 

This is a Limited Edition Pen, 100 pieces.  Cartridge/Converter filler.

The nib, centerband, and clip are plated in dark ruthenium for a pretty nice "stealthy" look!

Steel nibs only available in XF, F, M or B.

This pen will not be sold direct through Edison.  Since this is a Production Line Pen, it is being sold through our retailers.

Price is $159.

This pen can be bought at the following retailers….

 US Retailers
Anderson Pens
Goldspot Luxury Gifts

Goulet Pen Company
Richard Binder

 International Retailers (Sweden)
The Writing Desk (UK)


Brian at Edison

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