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New Production Beaumont Color – Bordeaux Flake!

Hi Pen Fans!

There’s a new material coming out in the Production Line Beaumont. 

This is a really nice deep red flake.  We are calling it Bordeaux Flake.

Actually, this is a material that we really wanted to use in the Beaumont when this pen was first launched, but we couldn’t get it in large enough quantities back then.  I was very happy to get a large shipment of this, and so it’s time to add this to the Production Line of Beaumonts!

Being a Production Line Pen, you’ll buy this pen from the retailers that carry Edison for $149.  The retailers are listed below….

 US Retailers
Anderson Pens
Goldspot Luxury Gifts

Goulet Pen Company
Richard Binder

 International Retailers
Alexander Pen Co (Canada)
Nagasawa (Kobe, Japan)
Nagasawa  (Osaka, Japan) (Sweden)
The Writing Desk (UK)


Brian at Edison

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