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2013 Limited Edition Edison Nouveau Premiere!

Hi Pen Fans!

It’s time to announce a new Limited Edition Pen in collaboration with the Goulet Pen Co!

I will make this announcement brief, as Brian Goulet does a great job of covering this project in the video below, and on his blog post.

Make sure to check out the entire announcement over at Ink Nouveau for all details, but I will highlight some bullet points below…..

1.  The pen will be a Premiere.  It will be made from a fantastic ebonite that the Edison Pen Co has never used in the past.

2.  Pens will be sold through the Goulet Pen Company.  They will not be sold direct through Edison.

3.  There will be a buying period that is open right now.  The buying period will end on November 30th.  No orders will be accepted after this.

4.  Once the buying period is complete, Edison will order materials and begin manufacturing pens.  Of course, this means that there could be a month or two in between when you order your pen and when you receive your pen.  We are shooting for January.

5.  Cost of this pen is $200.

6.  Click here to buy this pen.

This covers a lot of the bullet points.  If you have questions, make sure to read the full announcement over at Goulet Pens, or leave questions in the comments.


Brian at Edison

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