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The Ohio Pen Show Was a Blast!

Hi Pen Fans!

As usual, the Ohio Pen Show was a smashing success!!!  Big thanks to Terry Mawhorter and his crew or putting on another great show!

Laurence Oldfield was able to visit from the UK.  Very nice guy, and he had a couple of incredible Fords.
I saw a pair of solid gold Parker T-1’s.  Amazing!
Michael Sull was in attendance making us all jealous of his phenomenal script!
There’s lots more!  All of these highlights, as well as more are within the slideshow below.

(if you cannot see this slideshow, click here)

We are pretty exhausted, and will not be in the shop today and possibly tomorrow, as well.  If you are expecting an email from me, I’ll return it tomorrow or Wednesday.


Brian at Edison

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