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Edison Nouveau Limited Editon – Buying Period Re-Opened…..

Hi Pen Fans.

(before I get to far, please realize that full details regarding this are over at the Goulet Pen Co Blog.  I’m going to do a quick summary here.)

I wanted to make people aware of an issue that has occured with the Edison Nouveau LE Premiere.

Please remember that the buying period for this LE pen was actually closed about 2-3 weeks ago.

However, the ebonite that we ordered came to us as a much lighter color than the sample that we had previously received.  This sample was the rod that that we made the artist’s proof from.

Since we had never bought this ebonite before, we had no idea that the sample piece was actually an anomaly, and we were pretty surprised to find that our larger order consisted of a lighter color of ebonite once we started turning it.  When we order ebonite, we have to accept a certain amount of variability from batch to batch, but this batch was rather different from what we had advertised.

This difference in color means that we need to make everyone aware that the pens cannot be delivered exactly as promised.

So here’s what will happen…..

1.  People that ordered this pen and are disapponted in this new color will get full refunds, no problem.

2.  People who didn’t like the original color that we promised can now pick up this pen if you like the lighter material.  We realize that it probably wouldn’t be fair to not give people a chance to pick up this color if they like it better.

Please realize that the reasons for this decision is not simply an attempt to sell more pens.  In the end, we have two types of customers that we would like to keep happy.  #1 that I mentioned above who dislikes the new color, and #2 that I mentioned above who likes the new color, and would now like to participate.

The Goulets and the Grays thought long and hard on this, and I think that what we came up with is the best solution.

I will attach a photo below of the original and the new color.

But please go over to the Goulet Pen Co Blog for all all details.  There you will see a full explanation with more details, including a video where both Brian Goulet and I explain what’s going on in more detail.  You will also see more photos, along with information regarding the new buying period, which will end on Januray 3rd.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments here or at the Goulet blog post linked above.  Or you can contact Goulet Pens or Edison Pens directly. Unexpected things happen to all companies, but we will always be transparent when these happen, and we want to make sure that all of our customers involved are satisfied in the end.


Brian at Edison

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