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A New Material Coming to the Production Line Collier!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are very happy to announce a new material that is is now available in the Production Line Collier!

This new material will be called Blue Steel Acrylic.  It’s a very nice deep blue with lots of depth, and a rather subtle swirl.


Since this pen is part of the Production Line, remember that Edison will not sell this pen direct.  The retailers that carry the Production Line will be selling this pen.  You can find these retailers here.  All retailers have placed their orders for this pen, so they all should be ready to ship!

So this makes 4 nice materials that can be had in the Production Line Collier!

By the way… you notice something interesting when you look at the photo above? If you look closely at the Antique Marble Collier on the right, you’ll notice that the color of the Antique Marble is a little darker.

Some of you might remember when we made an announcement about 2 years ago regarding a slight color change to the Collier.   Back then, the manufacturer that we were getting the Antique Marble from changed the color to be just a little bit lighter.  Well, we have good news!  The original darker amber color is now back!  I personally like this darker color a lot more, and I think that most of our fans agree.

So as of now, the Blue Steel and original Antique Marble materials are available in the Collier!

Click here to see the retailers that sell these pens. 


Brian at Edison

6 replies on “A New Material Coming to the Production Line Collier!”

This pen looks AMAZING! I have the antique marble Collier and love it. The blue steel has a classy, great look. The Collier is my favorite of all my fountain pens and the blue steel now takes a great pen and makes it even greater. Well done, Brian!

As it is not so easy to get one of your pens in germany, I’m very happy to own a collier and a beaumont. Both pens are quite fantastic, I love the great working nibs! So I pre-ordered the collier blue-steel right after I took notice, and I’m looking forward to next week as it’s already underway.
Great work, Brian!

After already owning two of your pens, I had high expectations-and they were met. This is really a great looking material, the color is having a nice subtle depth. I got it with a stub nib, and of course it is a great writing experience. Thank you, Brian!

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