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2014 LE Glenmont Group Buy!

Hi Pen Fans!

It’s a pleasure to announce our 2014 Limited Edition Group Buy Glenmont!

For those of you who have participated in these Group Buys in the past, you’ll realize that this is the only time that you can get an Edison Pen at any kind of discount.  We only do these once a year.

Please watch the video below, and then I’ll get into some details and logistics as to how this will work.  (If you can’t see the video below, click here.)


1.  In order to participate, you will need to pay in full prior to any manufacturing.  We will have a set buying period starting today, and ending at 11:59pm, September 5th.  Once this buying period has passed, we will have a total number of pens. After this, we will not accept any more orders. We will then order materials. Once they arrive, we will start manufacturing.  Understand that this means that there could be 1 to 3 months between when you pay and when you receive your pen.  I’m giving 1-3 months as a ballpark.  The actual time involved will depend on how many pens we are making. Once we have a final number, I will have an accurate (albeit still estimated) timeline. 

2.  We will document the entire manufacturing process with photos and videos so you can watch the process of your pens being "born".  Updates will be posted here on this blog.  Since you will receive these updates, the exact shipping date will not be a surprise to you.  We will keep you updated.

3.  The pen to be made will be The Glenmont as a cartridge/converter filler in either Cumberland Ebonite, or Pearlized Wine Acrylic.  See the video above or pics below.

4.  Price for ebonite will be $190.  Price for acrylic will be $180, then shipping.  Normal retail price for either of these pens is $250.

5.  Steel nibs only in XF, F, M, B, 1.1mm or 1.5mm italic.  If you wish to have an 18k nib, then you will need to buy the pen with the steel nib, and then contact me after you receive the pen for an 18k upgrade (nibs unscrew to interchange). 

6.  There will be no nib customizations available.  Only XF, F, M, B, 1.1mm or 1.5mm italic.  You will need to handle any nib customizations aftermarket.

7.  The pens will be engraved as a Numbered Limited Edition.  The Ebonite Pens will be engraved "2014 LEE #XX of XX". (LEE is for Limited Edition Ebonite).  The acrylic pens will be engraved "2014 LEA #XX of XX"  (LEA is for Limited Edition Acrylic).

8. Requests for a specific number within the edition will not be honored.  You cannot request #1, or any other specific number. 

9. In addition to the cost of the pen, there will be shipping charges, of course. International friends can certainly participate, but appropriate international shipping fees will apply.

10.  These two materials will be exclusive to the Glenmont for a period of one year.  We won’t be making any other Glenmonts from these materials for one year to respect the "rules" of a Limited Edition.

 If you have questions, please leave a comment, or email us.


Brian at Edison

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29 replies on “2014 LE Glenmont Group Buy!”

WOW!!! Great job Brian..they are stunning!!! I just asked my granddaughter which pen I should choose..she said BOTH!!!

To purchase a gold nib pen in the group buy, one would just order a pen with any steel nib then exchange steel nib later for a gold nib plus … probably $100? Or, would one order the pen with steel nib, keep the steel nib and need to purchase an additional gold nib? If so, what is the price for the second nib?

Hi Mark. Yeah, we can simply do a credit on the steel nib after the sale, if this is OK with you. When we get into these group buys, we need to eliminate some of these logistical options to keep our ease of manufacturing, shipping, inventory, etc. If you want us to credit your steel nib towards the cost of the 18k nib, we can do this, or we can sell you an 18k nib and you can have two nibs. But as stated, it would be aftermarket. Thanks!

Hi Brian. This will be my first Edison (LEE with EF Nib) and I can’t wait, but before I purchase can you tell me if you ship to PO Boxes (I prefer the box as its safer than getting USPS mail at my apartment). If you ship via FedEx or UPS (Signature Required) then I can safely use my Apt address.. When placing the order it does not state what carrier is used.. Thank you..

Hello. I feel a deep distaste for gold(en) trims, and possibly I am not alone. Is it possible to order the pen with polished steel clip? Please do not be like so many other makers that refuse to release chromed versions of their pens!

Hi Brian, I was browsing through some of your collection (The Glenmont) and notice some of the pen clips where silver in color. maybe plain Steel or Rhodium?
like the option of aftermarket Gold Nib that you said can be done after the sale, would you offer the buyer the choice to buy a Steel/Rhodium clip and will it be difficult to install it at home if you decided to offer it for aftermarket purchase?
Thank you and I apologize for so many questions…

When it comes to clip and nib trim, we won’t be taking customizations on this. However, what you do with the clip or nib aftermarket is up to you, and we’ll be happy to send off a rhodium clip or nib after you’ve received your pen for you to do as you wish. We could sell an additional nib, or trade a silver toned nib with you as well. But again, all of this will have to be aftermarket. Thanks!

Hi Brian,
Thanks for doing this! Would you please write a bit about the difference in the acrylics used in the group buy and your production pens (i.e., Hudson)?

Good question Josh, thanks. When it comes to structural integrity of the materials, they are all good. If the material were not reliable structurally, we wouldn’t use it in any setting. But this acrylic is more unique than any production material due to it’s shine and depth (pearlization or chatoyance). Of all the materials that we’ve ever used, this stuff has the most "depth illusion" to it, if this makes sense. It’s one of my personal favorites (I have my own Beaumont Pneumatic made from it on my desk right now). But the cost and limited availibility has kept us from offering it on a larger scale until now.

Does any 18K nib has BB with flex?
OR any flex nibs at all?
I’m interested in flex or semi-flex.

Any information about 18K nibs?

For the new ebonite you mentioned, apart from the pink/black are there any other variations? I’ve been considering a custom ebonite pen for quite some time and am unsure from the smug mug pictures which of the ebonite is old supplier/new supplier.

Hi Jun.

All 18k nibs will have to be handled aftermarket. We are not equipping these pens with gold nibs. However, yes we do offer 18k and flex nibs that you could purchase afterwards.

Brian – What are the weights on the two two pens? I’m guessing the ebonite is a touch heavier but I just wanted to double check. Thanks.

Hi Todd.

Actually, I’ve never seen a difference in the weight of ebonite or acrylic. Yes, ebonite might be a touch denser, but once you machine away all of what’s needed to make a pen, there’s really no difference that my scale can detect. Certainly no difference that your hand will feel. That being said, the pens will be in the range of 17-18 grams with the cap on. Thanks!

Hello Brian, I just placed my order for the ebonite version of the pen with a 1.1 stub nib and can’t wait to receive it … although I know I’ll have to.
I’m enjoying the Beaumont with pneumatic filler very much. What a beautiful pen! And smooth … a true joy to own. I wouldn’t change anything except perhaps the nib. I ordered the 18K medium and am thinking the 18K fine would have been a better option. I’m looking forward to receiving my next Edison Pen!


Brian, both look great and I’m struggling with the choice. On the ebonite pen, the video seems to show a bit of a gloss while the still pictures show kind of a flat finish. I know its hard to describe, but do you feel either the still picture or the video is more accurate to how it looks in person?

Also, if the ebonite has a gloss to it, is it tough to maintain that gloss over time? Does an ebonite pen just get more dull with use?

Thanks for any comments you have that might help me decide.

Hi Steve.
The ebonite will definitely have a high gloss. I think that the difference in lighting might be part of what you are seeing.

There should never be a problem with the gloss over time, with proper care. But don’t forget that we support our pens 100%. If the pen ever needs buffed, we’ll always take care of you.

Hey Brian,
I received my ebonite today, and of the 3 pens I’ve received from you this year, the 2014 Glenmont is by far my favorite. It’s gorgeous! The fit and finish are just stellar! The feel in hand is just awesome! I love the shape, love everything about it, and don’t regret this purchase for one second! Congrats on doing such a stellar job, keeping us informed during the build, and getting them out to us in such a timely manner. Yeah, it was like biting all my fingernails off waiting, but it was totally worth it!
Thanks again……

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