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2014 LE Glenmont Update #1

Hi Pen Fans!

The purchasing period for the 2014 LE Glenmont ended last Friday.

I’m still working to get a totally accurate count, but it looks like we are at about 170 pens.  I’m going to get a final number before we begin manufacturing, but is looks like roundabout 110 Cumberland Ebonite pens, and 60 Pearlized Wine Pens. 

It also looks like we will begin manufacturing next week.  We have enough of the Pearlized Wine for the whole project, and enough of the Cumberland Ebonite to get started.  More of the ebonite is coming.  I’ll attach a pic of the raw materials below.  

The Pearlized Wine is on the right, and the Cumberland Ebonite is on the left.  Fear not!  I realize that the ebonite looks really strange, or even green.  Ebonite in it’s raw form always looks nasty!  It’s not until you cut into the nasty rod that the beautiful grain and color begin to show.

So stay tuned for updates!  Since this is a pretty large order, I’m glad that I didn’t promise an early timeline!  In any case, if you ordered the pen, we’ll keep all manufacturing updates here on this blog, so you can watch the process of your pens being "born"!  Stay tuned!

Lastly, I will keep global updates with galleries here, but if you on Twitter, I’ll probably be tweeting more random and frequent progress photos there.  You can follow as on Twitter at @edisonpenco.


Brian at Edison



4 replies on “2014 LE Glenmont Update #1”

it amazes me that something so ordinary looking can become something as beautiful as an ebonite pen. Kind of like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Will this ebonite be available for another pen models? If yes, I’m considering buying a Pearl with it.

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