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New Materials for the Production Line Pearlette!

Hi Pen Fans!

It’s time for us to refresh the materials being used in the Production Line Pearlette.

We have chosen two new materials and will be discontinuing one material.

Canyon Trail is the material that we are discontinuing. If you like the Canyon Trail Pearlette, now is the time to buy one. Whatever is left with our retailers right now is all that is left. Once they are gone, they are gone!

So the materials being added are being called “Quantum”….

Pearlette in Quantum

Pearlette in Quantum

…and “Fingerpaints”….

Pearlette in Fingerpaints
Pearlette in Fingerpaints

Sonoran Sunset and Azure Skies are staying, so this will mean that there are now four materials available in the Production Line Pearlette.

From Left to Right…
Fingerpaints, Quantum, Sonoran Sunset, Azure Skies

Just like the rest of our Production Line, these pens are only available from the retailers listed here. You cannot buy these versions directly from Edison.

Please let me know if there are any questions!

Brian at Edison

3 replies on “New Materials for the Production Line Pearlette!”

Awesome choices. I am Collier fan. Are you going to be adding any new colors to that line?

There are no plans for Collier materials to change in the foreseeable future. Now of course, we can make a Collier from any material that you like, but it would be custom and considered part of our Signature Line, so it would be more expensive at $275 steel nib. Thanks!

Love my Canyon Trail Pearlette, glad I got one 🙂 That Fingerpaints is very tempting….

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