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Fountain Pen Day Special! Discounted Comet in Sea Spray!

Hi Pen Fans!

When we announced the addition of the Comet in Cobalt Magma to the Production Line, the plan was that this pen would replace the Comet in Sea Spray.

The Comet in Sea Spray is being discontinued from the Production Line. It will be heavily discounted to as little as MSRP $119 (normally $149) beginning on November 3rd, Fountain Pen Day.

  • This discount will be applied to the Production Line Comet in Sea Spray only.
  • This discount will occur on November 3rd, Fountain Pen Day.
  • Our retailers will be permitted to price the Comet in Sea Spray as low as MSRP $119 (normally $149) on Fountain Pen Day.
  • This minimum price of $119 will be in effect until all Comets in Sea Spray are entirely sold out.
  • We will not manufacture more Comets in Sea Spray. Once these pens are gone, they are gone.

Click here to see all retailers that carry the Comet in Sea Spray. This discount will be effective on Fountain Pen Day and will continue until all Comets in Sea Spray are sold out.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison


4 replies on “Fountain Pen Day Special! Discounted Comet in Sea Spray!”

Brian, people say your nibs are phenomenal! I usually use a Fine nib but am considering a Very Fine nib. Your opinion and reflections? Which nib, F or VF, would recommend as my first Edison pen?

Hi Michael. Thanks for the kind words! Regarding a Fine vs Extra Fine, it really just comes down to the width that you prefer. If your handwriting is pretty small, the you’ll want a smaller tip size to compliment this. If you have really small handwriting and you use a Medium, Broad, or larger, then your “O’s”, and “e’s” can fill in the loop, letters kind of smear together, and this looks strange. On the other hand, if your handwriting is really large but you use an Extra Fine, the proportions also look strange.

If your handwriting is typical size, I’d recommend a Fine or Medium. An Extra Fine is usually better for people with pretty small handwriting.

But in the end, remember that there’s no wrong answer. I’m just letting you know how most people choose their nib tip size, based on proportions, and also what I’d recommend.

Thanks! -Brian

In the process of a custom pen build with Brian. So far, the communication has been excellent! Have not been this excited since I put a new Tonka truck on my Christmas list – I’m old, does “Tonka” still exist!

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