Production Line Special Offers

Fountain Pen Day Special! Discounted Comet in Sea Spray!

Hi Pen Fans!

When we announced the addition of the Comet in Cobalt Magma to the Production Line, the plan was that this pen would replace the Comet in Sea Spray.

The Comet in Sea Spray is being discontinued from the Production Line. It will be heavily discounted to as little as MSRP $119 (normally $149) beginning on November 3rd, Fountain Pen Day.

  • This discount will be applied to the Production Line Comet in Sea Spray only.
  • This discount will occur on November 3rd, Fountain Pen Day.
  • Our retailers will be permitted to price the Comet in Sea Spray as low as MSRP $119 (normally $149) on Fountain Pen Day.
  • This minimum price of $119 will be in effect until all Comets in Sea Spray are entirely sold out.
  • We will not manufacture more Comets in Sea Spray. Once these pens are gone, they are gone.

Click here to see all retailers that carry the Comet in Sea Spray. This discount will be effective on Fountain Pen Day and will continue until all Comets in Sea Spray are sold out.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison


New Pens

2022 LE Comet in Brooks Cool Tone Primary Manipulation and Calico Koi!

Hi Pen Fans!

Materials coming from our good friend Jonathon Brooks are always in high demand! It seems that every time we place a sizable order with Jonathon, our inventory of said materials are very quickly spoken for by custom orders.

For this reason, the largest Limited Edition that we’ve made from Jonathon’s materials has only been 35 pens until now. Most of our limited edition pens from Jonathon’s materials are even smaller editions of 10-15 pieces that are exclusive to the pen shows.

Not too long ago, we placed a larger order from Jonathon and we purposely stashed these amazing materials to be sure that it remained in our inventory for a larger and very special Limited Edition!

So this is the first Limited Edition from Jonathon’s materials that we’ve been able to do that exceeds 35 pens. This Limited Edition will be 100 PENS (50 of each material)!

So we are super proud to announce this Limited Edition Comet made from Jonathon’s Cool Tone Primary Manipulation and Calico Koi!


Cool Tone Primary Manipulation
Calico Koi



Cool Tone Primary Manipulation version has a complimentary finial made from a translucent red, while the Calico Koi has a nice translucent amber/orange finial.

These pens are available with Steel nibs only.

Also, we can offer these pens with our new Steel Flex Nibs.

Tip sizes can be EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, Flex EF, and Flex F.

PLEASE NOTE – if you prefer to have a Steel Flex Nib equipped on one of these pens, please remember that we have these flex nibs in Polished (silver tone) versions only. So the Polished (silver tone) flex nib will match the Silver-tone clip on the Cool Tone Primary Manipulation version, but it will not match the Gold-tone clip on the Calico Koi version.

The price for these pens are $225.

So you know, our pricing for a custom Signature Line version of a Comet made from Jonathon’s materials would normally be $295 with a Steel nib. But since these pens are made assembly-line style in larger batches rather than one at a time, we can offer this discount while still attending to the same fine details.


Please email with any questions.

Brian at Edison



New Materials New Pens Pen Shows Special Offers

The ‘Pen-Show-LE-That-Never-Was!’ 2022 LE Comet in Brooks Deep Space!

Hi Pen Fans!

We never would have predicted this a couple of years ago, but due to COVID, we haven’t attended a pen show since March 2020! Sheesh!

At each major pen show, we typically bring a small Limited Edition pen that is exclusive to that particular show. We keep these editions smaller, make it very special, and only attendees of that pen show can purchase that particular pen.

Of course, we need to plan these LE pens well in advance. So in early 2020, we contacted Jonathon Brooks requesting that he put together another fantastic material created specifically for Edison. Well, the material arrived around the same time that Covid arrived!

So this exclusive material has been sitting on our shelves waiting for a fun project for about 2 years now! After missing our friends at pen shows and our fans also missing out on these smaller Limited Editions, we decided to just make a pen from this material now, albeit a smaller edition.

This is a Comet made from a material that Jonathon Brooks crafted specifically for us. We felt that calling it Deep Space was quite apropos for the Comet!

Normally when we do pens with exclusive materials, we buy enough so that we have extra to also make custom pens for those interested. However, we don’t have any more of this. So if you like this Deep Space material, this pen will be your only option to acquire it.

The material is a very nice deep blue with some very subtle purple highlights.

Actually, this composition and color tone definitely reminds me of vintage Cobalt that was used extensively in original Sheaffer Balance II’s. This does have a tighter pattern (which I like better), and also some excellent and subtle purple highlights.

Going with the style of the Comet (our newest model), we made the finial from Solid Blue Translucent Acrylic.

Since this material was intended as a smaller LE for a pen show, we never ordered a lot of the material compared to our normal LE pens. Therefore….

…this pen is limited to only 35 pieces

The pen will come with a Steel Nib in your choice of EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm.

The price is $245. If this same pen were ordered as a custom Signature Line pen, the normal price would be $295.

The Edition is Sold Out

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison

Current Inventory

Current Inventory Updated! Lots of Comets!

Hi Pen Fans!

When we introduced The Comet back in December, the response was truly unexpected! We had around 30 custom Comets inventoried when we made this announcement to be sure that our customers wouldn’t have to wait through our custom backlog to get one.

Nearly all of them sold out! So a couple of weeks ago, we began making more Comets. We now have more than 40 that are ready to ship. Of course, you can always place a custom order for any Comet in any configuration, but that will go to our custom queue which is currently about 6-7 weeks.

So in addition to our normal Current Inventory of about 350+ pens, we also have just added plenty of Comets to meet the demand that we’ve had.

If you are interested in seeing only the Comets that are currently inventoried and ready to ship, click here.

In particular, we’ve had a lot of fun making comets from craft materials coming from Jonathon Brooks and Tim McKenzie. Click here to see all Comets made from Jonathon’s materials, and here to see Comets made from Tim’s materials.

If you are interested in seeing all pens that are ready to ship (not just Comets), click here or see the slideshow below.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison