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Holiday Stealth Limited Edition in G-10!

Hi Pen Fans!

We’re very happy to announce another pretty unique pen. This will be a stealth-themed pen made from G-10!

(side note – we fully realize that this pen doesn’t follow a Holiday theme, but we weren’t coming up with good ideas for a Holiday theme! We loved this design so much that we just couldn’t wait!)

Bullet points, and then I’ll get into more details…
  •  G-10 is a linen fabric laminate that is bonded with epoxy. It is extremely wear-resistant.
  • Price will be $275 with a Steel nib in EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm or 1.5mm.
  • This is a Limited Edition of only 50 pens.
  • We have 25 of these pens ready to ship now. We are currently manufacturing the other 25 pens. Barring something unforeseen, we will be finished within a week or so. We didn’t want to wait to announce this pen later in December, so we are announcing the pen early. Rest assured that the second 25 pens will be inventoried and ready to ship easily before the 18th of December.
More details…

This pen is a Collier made from G-10 that has been dyed black.

You will likely notice that this pen is similar to a Collier that we made from Garolite as a Limited Edition earlier this year, which was a much larger edition and still sold pretty quickly! But this material is a bit different.

Essentially, Garolite is a linen fabric laminate that is bonded with epoxy and comes in many forms. The Collier from earlier this year was made from Garolite CE. This pen is made from Garolite 10 (commonly known as G-10).

G-10 is typically used for circuit boards. But most people know of its use for knife handles or gun stock handles, since it is very stable, very durable, and extremely wear-resistant.

This particular Black G-10 is a bit more dense than our normal materials by about 15%. This makes G-10 a touch heavier (this pen is 29 grams vs a normal Collier being 24 grams). This density makes it even more wear-resistant. Lastly from a manufacturing standpoint, it is much more difficult to machine, but doable!

Despite the increased density, G-10 still won’t cut as cleanly as acrylic, especially when cutting threads. As you can see in the photo below, we have engineered the visible portions of outer threads from a solid black acrylic. This makes the pen much more attractive at that location. This also makes the threads more accurate and feel very smooth compared to if we had threaded G-10 to G-10.

Then, of course, the stealth theme is complete with a black oxide steel nib and a black oxide clip.

REMINDER – as mentioned, we have 25 of the 50 pens ready to ship now. We are currently manufacturing the other 25. The additional 25 pens will be finished in about a week, barring something unforeseen. So if you place an order after the first 25 pens have sold, there could be about a 1-week wait. But without a doubt, any pen ordered on or before the 18th can be shipped in time for the Holidays.

Please reach out with any questions.

Brian at Edison





2 replies on “Holiday Stealth Limited Edition in G-10!”

Hi Brian & Andrea!
I wanted to thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and unique piece of fine writing art with this G-10 Stealth!! I was lucky enough to get one as soon as you posted it on Instagram, and I knew it wouldn’t last long on your website before selling out. Keep up your amazing work and creativity!!

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