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Baltimore Pen Show! With McKenzie Exclusive!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are packed up and will be heading east for the Baltimore Pen Show very soon!

In addition to well over 400 pens for our normal inventory, we’ll be bringing a Limited Edition that is exclusive to the Baltimore Pen Show!

This pen will be a Beaumont in Tim McKenzie Teal/Blue Color Shift with Rose Gold hardware. There are a few features about this pen that are pretty unique. One is the fact that the color actually changes and the next is rose gold hardware!

Tim’s Color Shift material has been a mystery to me since we first started using it as it literally changes colors! I have no idea how Tim does this, but it’s such a cool effect that you really can’t photograph. Only video can kind of come close to doing this material justice. From one angle, the pen is a teal/greenish color. Then as you adjust the angle in the light, you’ll see that the pen gradually changes to blue/purplish! See below or click this link.

Additionally, you might notice that the color of this material under our facility lighting can even look a bit different than in our photo studio lighting! It also takes on a slightly different appearance in sunlight. In the end, it’s an amazing and dynamic material that needs to be seen live.

Next, we chose to use Rose Gold hardware. This is only the second time in our history that we’ve offered Rose Gold, but it won’t be the last!

The edition will be limited to 12 pens. At past pen shows, our LE exclusives have sold pretty fast. Not everyone can attend each day of the show, and many cannot get off work to attend Friday. For this reason, we will limit our Friday sales of this LE to 8 pens only, and our Saturday sales to 4 pens. It will be first come, first served each day.

These pens will be priced at $275 with the Rose Gold Steel nib in EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm or 1.5mm

Outside of this Limited Edition pen, of course, we’ll be bringing lots and lots of our normal inventory. Click Here to see our entire inventory of over 400 pens that will be coming to Baltimore with us. 

In addition to the Limited Edition from Tim’s material, we will also have other pens inventoried from his materials, as well as pens from other craft material makers like Jonathon Brooks and Jenn Earley. Click Here to see all pens made from handcrafted materials that will be coming to the show made by Tim, Jennifer, and Jonathon.

If you can’t make the pen show, our Current Inventory Galleries have been updated with lots of new pens. Any pens that don’t sell at the show will be available when we return. Feel free to email me with an inquiry if something appeals.

We hope to see you in Baltimore!

Brian at Edison

(slideshow showing all of our inventory is below, or click here)

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