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More Evening Webcasts Will be Coming…Suggestions?

Hi Pen Fans.

The evening webcast to announce the Stilwell was a huge success.

We not only got through the Stilwell, but was able to discuss a bevy of pen related topics.  If you missed the webcast, it was recorded, and can be seen here.

I’m realizing that these webcasts can be very beneficial to my clients.

So I am going to plan another webcast after the Philly Pen Show, and I’m looking for suggestions.

I have topics on mind, but I wanted to ask everyone….

What topic would you like to discuss over the next evening webcast?

These webcasts do not have to be Edison related.  Any topic that will enhance your time with pens is the idea.



Brian at Edison

Broadcasts and Videos

Write Time at 9 and Gift Certificates

Hi Pen Fans!

Topics covered in the video blog below are…

1.  I’ll be on Write Time at 9 with Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens and Ink Nouveau.
This will be Tuesday, November 30th, at 9:00 pm EDT.

The webcast will be at this link….

One detail that I forgot to mention in the video blog – Brian and I will be announcing a special Holiday giveaway, so be sure to tune in for more information.

2.  Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are now available from the Edison Pen Company.
Click this link or watch the video for more details.



Brian at Edison

Broadcasts and Videos

Pen Shows, Video Blog, and More….

Hi Pen Fans!

Below is the first what will be many video blogs…

Topics covered – Pen Show Schedule, Updates, and Video Blog Ideas….

The link mentioned for current inventory is here.

If you can’t see this video, visit the Main Page.


Brian at Edison

Broadcasts and Videos

A Late-Night Penmaking Session….

Hi Pen Fans.

I have had my webcam running since the beginning of my company, and it’s been a big success.

There, customers can see me making pens live in real time and chat with me as their pen is being made.  I have one camera set up to show a close-up of the work on the lathe, and also an overhead camera showing my shop in general.

This has been a great way for my customers to see their pens made, make real-time alterations to custom pens, and also get a better understanding of how penmaking occurs.

However, a limitation has been my time schedule.  I’m out there Monday through Friday, 9-5 EDT.

I have developed a regular crowd, and most of these people are folks who have a computer at their workplace, and can tune in off-and-on during the day.

But I realize that I’m missing a large crowd of people.  These include people who do not have a computer at their workplace, and also people on the West Coast or international regions where my time schedule just doesn’t work out.

So next week, I’m going to do a late-night penmaking session.

On Tuesday, March 30th, I will do a penmaking session at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

This is a good time slot for people who’s job will not allow viewing and also for people who’s time zones do not coincide.

The best way to watch and chat is to go to this page…

However, people can also watch and chat from their iPhone or Android, using the Ustream Viewer App, which is here…

Here’s what will happen on Tuesday night…

I will be making a pen for my inventory that I haven’t made before.  This will be a Huron in Crossgrain Ivory Celluloid.

I’ve used plenty of standard Ivory Celluloid, but I recently found some that is cut crossgrain.  This will make a very striking effect.

The stock that I will use is photographed below…


I will also do an additional pen, and I will leave the specifics of this pen up to the crowd.

I’ll be happy to take suggestions.  Any material, any model, even highly custom, within reason…so post some suggestions.

Then I’ll be happy to take questions and chat (although I will certainly chat where I can during the making process, as well).

So if you are interested, please tune in….

Tuesday, March 30th, 7:00 pm EDT.  or use the iPhone or Android Ustream Viewer App.

I hope to see lots of you there!

Brian at Edison