New Pens

Teaser Photos of the Stilwell…

Hi Pen Fans!

There is a new pen model that is almost ready for consumption!

I have a few teaser photos to share….

You can probably tell from the photos above that this will be an overlay pen…a first for Edison.

I have a few minor finishing touches to put on this pen early this coming week, so here’s the plan….

I will host a live webcast to announce this pen this week on Wednesday the 12th, at 9:00 pm EDT.  I will share all photos, videos, and answer all questions regarding this pen.  You can watch this on my Webcam Page, or my page, so tune in!

Then the official launch of this pen will be either Wednesday night after the broadcast (if I’m not too exhausted) or first thing Thursday morning.

I’ve never been so excited about a new pen model!  It’s taken a lot of restraint to not announce this pen earlier, but I really need to make sure that all the details are ironed out.

So keep your ear to the ground, and I hope to see lots of you Wednesday night!


Brian at Edison

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