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Mina as Bulb Filler, Size Discussion, and New Overlay Pen Coming!

Hi Pen Fans!

Topics covered in this blog….

1.  The Mina can be a bulb filler, but no ink window…(yet?)

2.  Discussion around the size of the Mina.

3.  New Overlay Pen Coming!!!

Links mentioned in the video with good Mina comparison photos….

Okami Whatever Photos

Peaceable Writer Photos


Brian at Edison

6 replies on “Mina as Bulb Filler, Size Discussion, and New Overlay Pen Coming!”

Wow, very nice Brian. I actually am very interested in the extended Mina as you have it. But… I am seriously curious about the one you are sending off for urushi. What color…? I’m also excited about your overlays. Dang it, stop making me drool!

Hi Kimy.

You’ll have to check with Ernest on the exact technique that he’ll be using on that pen, but I believe that it’s a custom commission done in Kuro-Tamenuri.

Trust me, I’m itching to show off the overlay pen…it’s killing me!

Ah–I have an Extended Mina C/C that Brian has already sent to me that’ll be kuro-tamenuri. The bulb filler in the video will get a Kara-nuri technique, something similar but uniquely different from the Pearl LE.

Ah, those will be lovely pens, then. If you are now taking custom orders too, Ernest, then I really must save up more of my pennies. My custom pens are my favourites for personal writing.


I have been taking custom orders for a little while now, any of Brian’s models are great candidates, and the Mina has certainly become one of my favorites. When you’re interested in a custom order, email one of us and we’ll both put our efforts in to produce the perfect pen for you.

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