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The Michigan Pen Show Was Great!

Hi Pen Fans!

The Michigan Pen Show was another success!

While this show is not as large as DC or LA, Lih-Tah and the other Michigan Pen Collectors really put on a good show.  A good representation of vintage and modern.  If you are in the area next year, I do recommend attending!

There was a nice group of Canadian collectors that made the trip across the river as well, so it was nice to see our Northern friends!

Below is a slideshow with some of my photos from the show.  (if you can’t see the slideshow, click here)

And I have to share one of the neatest vintage displays that I’ve ever seen!

This is a vintage diplay for a Shaeffer Vacuum-Fil.  The display has a working pen within, and there’s a motor behind the display that keeps the mechanism filling and emptying, filling and empyting!  Very very neat!

I’ve had a couple people ask about our Current Inventory after the Michigan Pen Show.  We will get that gallery updated tomorrow!  I’ll announce it here on the blog, so keep your eye on this page tomorrow!

Brian at Edison

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