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Heading to the Michigan Pen Show!

Hi Pen Fans!

One of our favorite "quaint" pen shows is this weekend!

We will be at the Michigan Pen Show!  We’ll be set up by 3 on Friday, and then we’ll be there all day Saturday.

Now we won’t have time to update the Current Inventory Galleries today, so there will be some pens that are not in those galleries that will be at the show.  We’ll be bringing around 250 pens, including about 40 pneumatics and about 30 pump fillers.

If you are near Michigan, I do recommend attending.  It’s not as large as DC or LA, but there are some great vendors there.  Lih-Tah and the rest of the MIchigan collectors always put on a quality show.  There is usually a nice Canadian crowd that crosses the river to participate, as well.

If you are wondering about the pens that are not in the Current Inventory Galleries yet, we’ll take whatever doesn’t sell in Michigan, photograph them, and update the gallery next week.  I’ll announce on the blog when the galleries are updated.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Brian at Edison

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